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Equipment for the production of foam concrete

SSM-Holding is the Russian group of companies, the first in the Russian market of specialized equipment for the production of foam concrete. Our campaign in 1999 was among the first in Russia to introduce the business to mobile aerodynamic foam generators, which have no rotating electrical and mechanical components.

The main activities of the company:

  • the creation and production of equipment for the production of non-autoclaved foam concrete;
  • improvement of BSU, CSU, and other elements of technological lines;
  • organization of production of small-piece products from various types of cellular concrete.

Over the entire period of work, we have gained rich experience, we have implemented more than 1900 units of products, which today successfully operate in hundreds of the largest cities in Russia and abroad, in the nearest countries: Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and in foreign countries Vietnam, USA, UAE, Czech Republic, Canada, Hungary, Mongolia, Mexico, Romania, Ecuador, India.

Company achievements:

  • In 2000, pseudo-promising non-autoclaved concrete production technologies began to appear in Russia. The deep introduction and popularization of such production methods could lead to disastrous consequences. Thanks to the efforts of SSM-Holding, it was possible to stop the spread of these technologies.
  • For 17 years of work in the company, foam generators were invented and put into stream production in 6 generations, as well as 15 types of mixers used for the production of foam concrete.
  • Among our achievements are the development of complete technological production schemes and regulations for mixtures for the production of non-autoclaved foam concrete. Elements of mixers and foam generators of their own production companies today are often found in the sections of equipment for the production of foam concrete in the international Internet.

Today we can safely say that thanks to our company in Russia, the classic technology of foam concrete production prevails. It is the method of wet mineralization on the basis of protein frothers that is the most effective way of producing foam concrete, which allows to obtain a product with high quality characteristics. However, we do not stop at what has been achieved and continue to carry on an active activity: in the Russian Federation and a number of CIS countries, we open enterprises for the production of foam formers based on protein hydrolysates. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our products at every stage of production.

Our equipment for the production of foam concrete is, first of all, quality and manufacturability, accuracy in every detail and the desire to satisfy the needs of each client to the maximum.

Creativity and high professionalism are our constant companions. Equipment from SSM-Holding is a time-tested quality. Cooperating with us you get not only high-tech high-class equipment, but also ongoing technical support.