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Plasticizer-accelerator "ECT", kg


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ECT ® is a chloride-free plasticizing additive based on protein. 3-6 kilograms of EST replaces 1 ton of hydrated lime. It has a good water-holding capacity. It increases frost resistance, and has an anti-salt effect.

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82 руб

82 руб per кг

Data sheet

Weight1 kg or 25 kg (your choice)
Density1.2 g/cm3

More info

Complex modifying additive ECT on the basis of protein
Consumption: 150-250 grams per 50 kg of cement (0.3% - 0.5% of cement mass).
Package options: 1kg, 25kg, 800kg.

Significantly reduces the cost of construction.

We provide 1kg free trial, you pay only for delivery.

Improvement of properties of the mortar when using EST:

  • plastifies mortar
  • prevents formation of efflorescence
  • Prevents shrinkage of plaster and appearance of the grid of cracks
  • Increases frost resistance of mortar
  • reduces heat conductivity of mortars (due to air entrainment)
  • it improves adhesion of the mortar to the base
  • the mortar is well diluted and well adheres, retains density and does not flake, does not slide off the surface
  • reduces water consumption by 19%
  • Improves aeration - provides up to 14% of air absorption
  • Reduces the absorbency of plaster while maintaining gas permeability (the effect of "breathing" plaster)
  • Reduces construction costs:
  1. mortar costs (3-6 kg replace 1 t of lime);
  2. transportation and storage costs
  • does not harm the skin of the hands
  • does not cause corrosion of the steel (fittings)

Instructions for use:

  1. Stir thoroughly with sand and cement according to generally accepted proportions and regulations to the desired thickness, reducing the amount of water by 19%.
  2. If mixing the mortar components by hand, do it very carefully, paying attention to the homogeneity and plasticity of the mortar.
  3. In order to obtain a maximum effect (taking into account the possibility of different types of cement and sand), it is necessary to pre-mix the components, using ECT ® in different quantities, depending on the type of mortar.
  4. When using ECT ® it is necessary to observe the rules of safety and hygiene of the work. ECT ® does not change its properties when moistened and repeatedly dried.

The period of use is indicated on the package - two years from the date of production when stored in a cool place.

Line of additives:

  • SP ECT ra Super plasticizer ECT antioxidant for plaster, masonry mortars, cement-sand screeds.
  • KD ECT B Complex additive ECT vibro. For the manufacture of products (including pre-pretensioned) by shatterproof molding and / or vibro-pressing.
  • KD ECT B Complex additive ECT concrete for the production of ready-mix concrete


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