Rospena foaming agent for foam concrete production
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Rospena Foamer (TM)


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Protein blowing agent of high quality of domestic production, brand Rospena.

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250 руб

250 руб per кг

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Characteristics of Rospena foaming agent for foam concrete:

  • Economical 2-3%.
  • Excellent air-entraining and plasticizing (P 3, P 4) properties in the production of polystyrene concrete.
  • In terms of calculation per 1 m3 of foam concrete it is cheaper than any other similar foaming agent.
  • Saving more than 30%.
  • It does not allow for shrinkage of the mortar after the pouring.
  • The high resistance of the foam allows the cement to harden in its time frame of 6-8 hours without shrinkage.
  • Accelerates hardening of mortar without additives.
  • Has a stable closed microporous structure.
  • Prevents appearance of efflorescence on finished products.
  • Does not require rejuvenation of working mortar.
  • No need for curing gas pedals, which sometimes weaken the mortar.
  • Cracks in the foam concrete / polysterene concrete mortar are excluded!

Protein blowing agent Rospena based on hydrolysate of natural protein. It is used for the production of cellular concrete non-autoclave curing (foamed concrete / polysterene concrete):
At the installations equipped with foam-generating device, such as SSM-200, SSM-250, SSM-500, SSM-1000 and similar. Plasticizes the mortar, eliminating the appearance of temporary micro cracks in the foam concrete.

When foaming high quality foaming agent for lightweight foam concrete Rospena® forms optimal sizes and shapes the bubbles in the foam concrete. The cement envelops the foam bubbles, creating a closed framework in the foam concrete. The framework - has a stable closed-loop microporous structure in the foam concrete.


  • production of foam blocks;
  • insulation of attics;
  • floors;
  • walls;
  • basements;
  • roofs.

Environmentally friendly product 100% safe, harmless, ECO.


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