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Mini-plant SSM-1000-40M1KP


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Equipment for the production of foam concrete, complete with a mini plant SSM-1000-40M1K and a water accumulator. The unit automatically doses water and foam for mixing.

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Total weight of the mini-mill1000 kg
Working capacity of the mixer1020
Operating air pressure of the mixer0,2-0,8
Supply voltage380V
The range of densities of the resulting foam concreteD200-D1200
Vertical feed range12 метров
Horizontal feed range25 метров
Average total power consumption6 kW
Service personnel3
Compressor typeПоршневой
Receiver100 liters (compressor)
With receiverYes
With dehumidifierYes

More info

Set of equipment for the production of foam concrete
The complete set includes:

  1. Mini plant SSM-1000-40M1 with electronic dosing system of water and foam;
  2. Compressor capacity of 580 liters/minute, 10 atm;
  3. Air treatment system (oil/sludge separator, pressure regulator);
  4. Nozzle on the neck;
  5. Expanding storage tank (EWC) for water preparation for each new batch;
  6. RNU stand;
  7. A hose for an unloading of a mix of 20 meters DN80 with quickly demountable connection;
  8. Foamer 23 kg;
  9. Setting up the foam generator in the factory (calibration);
  10. Detailed technical documentation, regulations for the preparation of foam concrete, drawings forms, the project of the cottage and other related materials.

Mini Plant SSM-1000-40M1KP allows you to produce up to 45 cubes of foam concrete in 8-hour work shift. Foam generator is integrated into the system, which produces a stable, high-quality foam. The water accumulator (RNE) is filled with an automatic H2O dosing system.

The mixer is made with a pressure compensation chamber of the gland assembly. This technical solution prolongs several times the service life of the gland assembly preventing the ingress of cement grout into the chamber by balancing the pressure inside and outside of the mixer during the discharge of foam concrete.

The mixer shaft is made of alloyed, wear-resistant steel D65, the drive pulley-belt, using a cylindrical gear connected to the shaft, through the sleeve-bolt coupling. This design is reliable and durable, time-tested.

What is a storage unit for?

The main components of foam concrete is water, cement, sand (or other filler) and foam. If cement and filler enter the mixer through a wide neck and it happens fast enough, the water is usually supplied from the central water supply system or from a container with a pipe cross section of 15-25 mm depending on the pipeline. Accumulator, which is supplied with the mini plant has a drain pipe section of 80mm, it allows you to quickly drain the water into the mixer for each batch, which increases the productivity of the installation as a whole. Operating algorithm is simple: for the first batch dosed water by using electronic dosing system in the mixer itself, then we give cement and other components. During the making of the first batch, using the system of electronic metering of water fill the storage tank (PHE) with water. The system automatically fills the reservoir with the right amount of water and closes the valve. For all the following half batches, water is fed through the storage tank. Feeding water into the mixer is accelerated compared to the standard technical solution by 3-4 times.


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