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Complex SSM-OT-1000 production of foam concrete, polystyrene concrete

New product

The complex is designed for the production of foam concrete and/or polysterene concrete with a capacity of at least 6 m3 per hour. 

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997 000 ₽

  • 380W

Data sheet

Performance 6 m3/hour
Working capacity of the mixer 1000 liters
Supply voltage 220V and/or 380V
The range of densities of the resulting foam concrete D150 - D1200
Vertical feed range 40 meters
Horizontal feed range 120 meters
Average total power consumption 16 kWh
Weight 1010 kg
Engine 7,5 kW / 7,5 kW
Guarantee 12 montn

More info

Equipment for the production of foam concrete, polysterene concrete
This set of equipment is built on the basis of an open-type mixer without pressure. The volume of the mixer is 1000 liters with combined mixing system, electronic water and foam dosing system. After preparation of a mortar the amalgamator unloads the mixer in the pump hopper which is located under the amalgamator.

Further, the pump discharges the mixture through the hose to the place of laying, and a new volume of mortar is prepared in the mixer. This approach provides for higher productivity, since there is no downtime for preparation of the mixture, all operations occur simultaneously.

Application of equipment
Equipment like mini plants can be used to organize monolithic works on construction site (walls, roofing, flooring, etc.), as well as allows you to organize the shop for the production of blocks and other piece products. Set can be retrofitted with belt and screw conveyors with weighing hopper for electronic dosage of cement, sand and other bulk components.

Equipment reliability
Like all equipment of the company, the complex SSM-OT-1000 is made with a high margin of safety, belt drive, German gerotor pairs, reliable motors and gearboxes with a system of protection against abnormal situations during production, and robust construction.