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Showing 1 - 33 of 33 items

Equipment for the production of foam concrete

The mini-factories of SSM-Holding are reliable mobile equipment for the production of foam concrete. Absolutely all mini-factory models are used not only at the construction site for the production of monolithic foam concrete at the facility, but also in the workshop for the production of foam blocks and elements for the erection of houses and buildings (walls, floors, etc.), as well as for insulation of roofs, floors, attics .

Installations with a mixer volume of 200 to 500 liters are mounted on four wheels, two of which are swivel, which makes it easy to maneuver on the construction site or move around the workshop. Equipment with a mixer of 1000 liters or more is installed on four fixed wheels. Each unit is equipped with a foam generator for foam concrete with a pump for supplying foam concentrate. The case of the mini-factory is treated with Hammerite paintwork, which provides protection of the product from corrosion for 8 years.

Throughout the life of the equipment, CCM-Holding provides its customers with information and technological support.

Production of foam concrete

To start the equipment does not require any serious work skills. It is necessary to determine the installation location of the equipment, connect air and water to it, then, according to the instructions, configure the operation of the foam generator.

The equipment is intended for the manufacture of foam concrete with a density of 150-1200 kg / m3. The production of 1 m3 of foam concrete heat-insulating and structural, brand D600 (compressive strength 20 kg / cm2) requires:

 - Cement M500 D0 310 kg;
 - Sand with a fraction of up to 3 mm 220 kg;
 - Foam 1.15 kg (deviation is possible, depending on the manufacturer of the foaming agent).

At the output, we have a foam block of the highest quality - in other words, a bio block that complies with the state standard in all respects: compressive strength, frost resistance, sorption moisture, vapor permeability, etc., which is not available using synthetic foam concentrates.

Compliance with the regulations for the preparation of foam concrete and the use of a set of mini-factories SSM-Holding guarantees quick access to GOST 25485-89, - the manufacture of non-autoclaved foam concrete according to technical parameters corresponding to the state standard of the Russian Federation.

The mixture is unloaded by supplying compressed air to the mixer from the compressor.

Equipment advantages

Long-life bearing assembly

The entire model range of foam concrete production plants is equipped with a bearing assembly with a pressure compensation chamber. This type of bearing assembly should be used in the mixers used overpressure. Only such bearings are used in professional construction equipment of domestic and foreign production, which use compressed air to unload the mixture. Such an assembly is superior to all types of bearing assemblies, including a remote bearing over a considerable distance.

Reliable drive

About 10 years ago, in mixers from 0.5 m3 and more, SSM-Holding (Severstroymaterialy Group of Companies) switched to a pulley-belt drive, using a cylindrical gearbox connected to the shaft, through a sleeve-finger coupling. The purpose of the transition was to bring the number of complaints to “0”. This is an expensive drive, where the gearbox has two protection levels:

 - Belts;
 - Coupling;
 - Electronics.

An acceptable economy class drive is a pulley-belt - gear for small mixers up to 0.3 m3. We do not pursue low cost - we offer a quality product. Our production uses only reliable materials and technologies!

Why do not we use a gear motor, as other companies do?

The use of a gear motor would reduce the cost and, consequently, the final price of the equipment, but there are serious arguments that cannot be neglected in the manufacture of professional equipment for the production of foam concrete.

The fact is that worm gearboxes, motor gearboxes (see figure) have a relatively short service life as a result of rapid wear during friction in the joints. This is due to the fact that the interacting pair of "worm" - "gear" are made of various kinds of metal alloys. "Worm" made of solid steel, gear made of bronze alloy. In Russia, construction machines and mechanisms operate in medium-heavy operating conditions. Any load that differs from the uniform, even short-term load (getting large inclusions, lumps, short-term overload, etc. into the mixer) will certainly lead to the "gear" being eaten out by the hard-alloy "worm". Jamming of the shaft often leads to failure of the worm pair, i.e. the gearbox. In general, any worm gear drive is not intended for use in construction vehicles and machinery.

Foam generator provides maximum foam volume

Any protein foaming agent from both domestic and foreign manufacturers is suitable for the operation of the foam generator. The foam generator for the production of fourth-generation foam concrete, which are equipped with mini-plants, is equipped with an additional foaming unit that allows the production of ultra-light foam concrete D150-D300 on inexpensive protein foams. The pores of the foam are uniform, very small ~ 0.1-0.3 mm, closed structure.

Unloading foam concrete

Transportation of the finished mixture is carried out by compressed air from the compressor. This type of discharge does not require the use of a mortar pump.

Increased maintainability

All mini-factories are made taking into account the possibility of convenient control of the state of units and parts, their availability and ease of removal.