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Crusher for Styrofoam SSM-DP2

New product

Efficient crusher for processing foam into pellets

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406 000 ₽

Data sheet

Dimensions (L x W x H)1250х1200х1450
Performance15 m3/hour
Supply voltage380V
Average total power consumption4 kw/h
Frequency50 Hz
Guarantee12 months

More info

    Application of the CCM-DP2 crusher
SSM-DP2 is used for grinding the waste foam into granules with a minimum percentage of damage to the granules. It is widely used at the enterprises specializing in the production of polystyrene concrete, foam polystyrene concrete. It is actively used by enterprises in the processing and recycling of expanded polystyrene granules.

Complete set of the crusher

  • Crushing receiving unit;
  • Pellet pneumatic unloading unit;
  • The bunker for regranulate and pipeline supplied separately (the volume of the bunker from 10m3)

Regranulate quality

  • Balls separated from each other and not susceptible to degradation
  • Low dust formation

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