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Project of a cottage made of foam concrete, model PK-215


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Two-story country house in the English style with a basement and a garage for one car is designed for a family of 3-5 people. Thoughtful appearance of the main facade of the house, undoubtedly, will decorate any cottage village. Compact in plan of the house, with a well thought-out layout, will allow the owner to live in it permanently with full comfort.

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The design of the residential house is typical and requires binding and adjustment to specific local conditions. The project is complete, made on 68 sheets of A3 format.

As part of the project:

  1. Fundamet;
  2. Architectural part;
  3. The architectural part;
  4. Engineering communications - water - heating - ventilation;
  5. The electrical part.

Foundations - precast reinforced concrete.
Exterior walls - foam concrete.
Ceilings - monolithic reinforced concrete slab.
Coverage-metallic tile.
Exterior trim-facing brick.
Plastered plinth.

The volume of building 1211.9 m3.
Including the underground part of 180.5 m2.
Building area 162.6 m2
The total area of 215 m2
Living area 71 m2
The cost of basic construction materials.

Consumption of basic construction materials

Concrete 57,45 m3
Foam concrete blocks106,0 m3
Brick for interior walls19,0 m3
Face brick35,0 m3
Steel3482,7 kg
Metal tiles216,5 m2

First floor plan

2nd floor plan

Basement plan

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