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RENIIMENT SB 31L Foam Concentrate

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Foaming agents for the production of RENIIMENT SB 31L foam blocks and foamed concrete Germany (protein base).

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Action: The foam is produced from RENIMENT SB 31L blowing agent, air and water in specially designed equipment for the production of foam blocks. This foam is added to the main cement mortar during the mixing process in a concrete mixer and brought to a homogeneous dispersion in the mixer. Stabilizing components in RENIMENT SB 31L ensure that the pores in the foam concrete are retained for the duration of the treatment. Concrete volume remains stable as long as the foam concrete is not altered by pumping, compaction or placement.

Application: RENIMENT SB 31L is used for the production of foamed concrete from normal and lightweight aggregates. Depending on the basic formulation it is possible to produce concretes and mortars with a density between 150 kg/m3 and 2000 kg/m3. With the use of foam concrete, lower weight of building structures and improvement of their physical properties, such as heat and sound insulation, are achieved.

Technical data:

  1. Color: dark brown
  2. State: liquid
  3. Density: 1.13 kg/dm3
  4. Solubility in water
  5. The amount of foam from 1l: 450-670L (depending on type of generator)
  6. Usage temperature up to: -15 °C

Storage: In closed containers, protected from frost, direct sunlight, prevent contamination.

Directions for use: With the help of foam generators from foaming agent is obtained ready-made foam, which is directly added to the foam mixer. The working solution of the foaming agent is prepared in a ratio of approx. 1:20-1:40. The mixing time of the foam depends on the type of mixer and the amount of foam. This time should be sufficient to form a homogeneous mixture.


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