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Plasticizer SSM-R1 (for polystyrene concrete) View larger

Plasticizer CCM-R1 (for polystyrene concrete)


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Plasticizer for the production of polystyrene concrete based on protein hydrolysis. It is evenly distributed in the total mass, keeps the movement of polystyrene granules, improves the fluidity of the mixture. The best alternative to LMS. Environmentally friendly product. Made according to German technology.

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Data sheet

Density1.11-1.14 g/cm3 at 20°C
Presence of sludge, %no more than 10
Hydrogen pH at 20°C7
Mass fraction of water, %63

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Plasticizer for polystyrene concrete (SDO)

It is used for the production of monolithic polystyrene concrete and for the production of blocks. Works as an independent additive, does not require the addition of a LMS. Can be combined with synthetic or protein foaming agent.

Advantages of the CCM-R1 plasticizer:

  1. Reduction of cement consumption (by 7-10%);
  2. Strengthens the hydration of cement;
  3. Reduces the water-cement ratio;
  4. Hardening setting accelerator;
  5. Allows to work with stale cement;
  6. High coefficient of air entrainment (allows you to make expanded polystyrene concrete, without a foaming agent);
  7. Frost-resistant;
  8. Environmentally friendly product;
  9. Not flammable.


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