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Mini-plant SSM-250-15M for the production of foam block

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A new type of foam generator is integrated into the design of the SSM-250-15M mini-plant, as well as a foam concentrate feed pump. Application of the mini-plant: for monolithic filling with foam concrete or the manufacture of foam blocks of various densities (from 150-1200 kg / m3). The productivity of the equipment is 1.5-2.0 m3 / hour (15 cubic meters, 45 cubic meters).

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Data sheet

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1650x700x950 mm
Total weight of the mini-mill 255 kg
Performance 1.5-2.0 m3 / hour
Working capacity of the mixer 257 liters (0.250 m3)
Operating air pressure of the mixer 0.65 atm
Supply voltage 220V or 380V
The range of densities of the resulting foam concrete 150-1200 kg / m3
Vertical feed range 8 метров
Horizontal feed range 25 метров
Average total power consumption 2.5 kW / hour
Service personnel 1-2 persons

More info

The mini-plant is intended for the production of foam concrete, polystyrene concrete and other types of aerated concrete.

Advantages of our mini-factories:

  1. Bearing units are equipped with pressure compensation chambers;
  2. For this type of equipment with a capacity of up to 0.3 m3, a pulley-belt-gear drive is installed, which ensures a more durable operation of the mini-plant, in contrast to the use of a geared motor.
  3. Foam generator and pump are integrated into the structure of the plant;
  4. Added an additional foaming unit to the foaming channel system;
  5. The ability to manufacture heat-insulating foam concrete using inexpensive domestic protein foaming agents;
  6. The mixture is transported using compressed air from the compressor (no pump is required);
  7. Increased maintainability.

You can read more about mini-plants for the production of foam concrete in the article.

Package Included:

  1. Foam concrete mixer CCM-250 - 1 pc .;
  2. Integrated foam generator (foam generating barrel, length not less than 900 mm, stop valves, pressure gauges - 2 pcs.);
  3. Pump for feeding a foaming agent solution;
  4. Neck nozzle;
  5. Cottage project PK-215;
  6. Drawings of metal forms;
  7. Regulations for the preparation of foam concrete;
  8. Passport.

We recommend buying:

Elastic sleeve 20 meters long;
When purchasing equipment, we provide technological support. We guarantee fast and high-quality mixing of the mixture, i.e. production of aerated concrete exactly according to GOST 25485-89 in the shortest possible time. We provide supply of foam concentrate in any quantity.

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