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Mini-plant SSM-1500-55M1, automatic batching

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Electronic water dosing and electronic foam dosing are built into the design of the modernized SSM-1500-55M1 mini-car, and the SSM-FC-500 foam generator is integrated. The productivity of the plant is 5-7 m3 / hour.

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Data sheet

Dimensions (L x W x H) 2450x1350x1500 mm
Total weight of the mini-mill 980 kg
Performance 5-7 m3/hour
Working capacity of the mixer 1,550 liters
Operating air pressure of the mixer 0,65 атм
Supply voltage 380V
The range of densities of the resulting foam concrete 150-1200 kg/m3
Vertical feed range 12 метров
Horizontal feed range 40 метров
Average total power consumption 6.4 kWh
Service personnel 3 people

More info

The mini-plant allows producing at least 140 m3 of foam concrete per day. Automatic electronic dosing of foam and water eliminates personnel error while preparing the mixture.

Package Included:

  1. Foam concrete mixer SSM-1500-55M1 - 1 piece;
  2. Built-in foam generator - 1 piece;
  3. Built-in digital foam dispenser - 1 piece;
  4. Built-in digital water dispenser - 1 piece;
  5. Nozzle for the neck with a knife for bags - 1pc;
  6. Regulations for the preparation of foam concrete.

Manufacturer's warranty 2 years.

We recommend buying:

  1. Elastic sleeve 20 meters long;
  2. Compressor

Mixer bearing assembly:

Mini-plant SSM-1500-55M1 is equipped with a bearing unit with a pressure compensation chamber. This type of bearing is used only in professional equipment, which provides for the transportation of the mixture produced by compressed air. This technical solution is the most durable, efficient and technically justified.

If we compare the bearing assemblies of various manufacturers of equipment for foam concrete, then it is worth noting that equipment without a pressure compensation chamber, after one or two weeks of operation, begins to pass the cement suspension (milk) through the first oil seal, and this affects the properties of the produced foam concrete, its strength. Those who are faced with this are forced to increase the consumption of cement, which leads to an increase in the cost of finished products. Miniplant SSM-1500-55M1 is devoid of this drawback.

When purchasing equipment, we provide technological support. We guarantee fast and high-quality preparation of the mixture and production of aerated concrete in accordance with GOST 25485-89 in the shortest possible time.

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