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Mini-plant SSM-500 UNIVERSAL, AUTOMAT for the production of concrete, foam concrete, polystyrene concrete

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Mobile equipment for the production of concrete with a fraction of up to 25 mm, foam concrete, polystyrene concrete and other types of mortar.

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Data sheet

Dimensions (L x W x H) 2,2
Total weight of the mini-mill 600
Performance 30 cubes / shift
Working capacity of the mixer 510
Operating air pressure of the mixer up to 3 atm
Supply voltage 220 / 380V
The range of densities of the resulting foam concrete D150-D1200
Vertical feed range 12 метров
Horizontal feed range 40 метров
Average total power consumption 3.5kW
Service personnel 2-3 persons
Frequency 50-60Hz
Engine 2,2kw
Execution on big wheels
Drive type belt
Country of origin Russia
Guarantee 2 years

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Equipment for the production of concrete, foam concrete, polystyrene concrete
The universal and reinforced mini-plant CCM-500 is designed for the production and supply of solutions such as concrete, foam concrete, polystyrene concrete. To ensure the unloading of heavy solutions, the mixer is equipped with an additional pneumatic unloading system with feed sensors that provide settings for the range and or speed of unloading. The equipment is manufactured with an automatic water and foam dosing system. It is possible to equip with additional dispensers of liquid components.

Concrete production
The mini-plant produces concrete and other mortars with aggregate fractions up to 25 millimeters. Discharge of the mixture can be done through the discharge window from the bottom of the mixer, or through the sleeve using an additional discharge system. Sleeve DU80 or DU100.

Foam concrete production
The mini-plant produces foam concrete of grades D150 - D1200 with a capacity of up to 3.7 cubic meters. For the production of foam concrete, the mixer is equipped with a built-in high-performance foam generator, which ensures the production of foam from the foam concentrate, which mixes into the solution. The foam generator works in automatic mode.

Polystyrene concrete production
The mini-plant produces polystyrene concrete of all popular brands. To unload the mixture, you can also additionally use the pneumatic unloading system, and for dosing water - electronic sensors.

Increased ground clearance
Mini-plant SSM-500-30U stands on four large diameter wheels, two of which are swivel. This design makes it more comfortable to move the unit on the construction site over different ground. The front wheels are equipped with a steering rack, which allows you to conveniently control the movement, and also each wheel has screw supports that relieve the load from the wheels and give additional stability to the machine during the preparation of the mixture.

Automatic dosing of water and its intake
The system automatically doses a preset amount of water into the mixer and closes the valve. The amount of water required for mixing is set in the station control panel. Additionally, a pump can be installed in the base of the equipment for sucking water and supplying it to the dispenser. If your facility has imported water, is in a drinking well, etc., then this pump is used to supply it to the mixer. If at the facility water is supplied from a well, centralized water supply, then water can be supplied to the dosing system bypassing the pump (the water supply option is easily adjusted by one turn of the tap).

Power supply 220 / 380V
The equipment operates from 220V or from 380V, depending on the availability of a particular network at the facility. The control cabinet is made in a universal format, a frequency converter is installed, which ensures the operation of the installation in normal mode at all mixture densities. Installed protection of the electrical circuit against loads and drops.

The equipment is made of reliable components and assemblies of world brands. The shaft is made of high-carbon steel D65mm, has a universal bi-directional mixing type inside the mixer, ensuring high-quality mixing of raw materials. The wall thickness of the mixer has a thickness of 10 mm, all units are made with a high safety factor, which allows us to establish a 2-year equipment warranty.


  • Mixer 500 liters;
  • New generation foam generator, SSM-PG-500U;
  • Additional pneumatic unloading system;
  • Additional unloading window from the bottom of the mixer;
  • Electronic system for dosing water and foam;
  • Neck nozzle;
  • Drawings of metal forms;
  • Regulations for the preparation of foam concrete, recipe;
  • Equipment passport.

We recommend buying:

  • Mixture discharge hose DN80mm;
  • Compressor 500 liters / minute, 10 atm.


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