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Foam generator SSM-PG-500

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Foam generator SSM-PG-500 - mobile unit of aerodynamic foam generator with a capillary barrel 900 mm is designed for generating foam for various purposes.

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Data sheet

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1500 х400х700 mm
Service personnel 1
Weight 40
Foam performance Up to 500 l/min
Foam density range 20-200 g/liter
Foaming rate 6 to 50 (adjustable)
Guarantee 12 months

More info

Foam generator SSM-PG-500 is an aerodynamic foam generator of the new generation, produces a fine and at the same time uncomplicated foam setting. Foam generator allows you to produce a completely homogeneous foam mass, excluding the inclusion of large bubbles. Foam pores are homogeneous with a closed structure of 0.1-0.3 mm.

Foam density is adjustable within the range 20-200 gram-liter.

The foam generator is easy to use, the frame is equipped with two wheels, which makes it convenient to use on construction sites, equipped with imported pumps (of medium or high performance) with a high durability, reliable electronics. Automatic dispensing of foam.

This unit is widely used in the production of cellular concrete.


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