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Mini-Factory SSM-E-200/250, Economy View larger

Mini-Factory SSM-E-200/250, Economy

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Mini-plant SSM-E-200/250 Economy is a simplified version of the company's standard units of serial models SSM-200-12M or SSM-250-15M.

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Data sheet

Dimensions (L x W x H)1700х800х1200 mm
Total weight of the mini-mill200 kg
Performance1.2 to 2 m3/h (depending on the selected
Working capacity of the mixer205 or 255 liters
Operating air pressure of the mixer0,65
Supply voltage220 or 380V
The range of densities of the resulting foam concreteот 200 до 1200
Horizontal feed range25 метров
Average total power consumption2.5 kWh
Service personnel1-2 people
Country of originРоссия
Guarantee12 месяцев

More info

The new model is designed for the production of foam concrete at the construction site or in the premises for the production of foam blocks. This unit, despite the Economy segment, also has a pressure compensation chamber and productive foam generator, which qualitatively distinguishes it from similar units by other manufacturers.

The standard equipment of the Economy version includes:

  1. Mixer for 200 or 250 liters depending on your choice;
  2. Foam generator SSM-PG-300;
  3. Nozzle on the throat for cutting bags;
  4. Passport and manual on the equipment;
  5. Regulations for the preparation of foam concrete.

To work the mini plant must purchase:

  1. Compressor 220V, 10 atmospheres, with a capacity of 300 liters per minute;
  2. Hose for unloading penrbetona, the diameter of the hose 50mm.


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